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About Us

The Knox Trail Inn is located in the town of Otis Massachusetts in the beautiful hills and mountains of the Berkshires. It has been deemed a historical dwelling that dates back to 1776, when General Henry Knox drove his troops through the township of Otis while traveling from Boston to Fort Ticonderoga to retrieve the artillery left behind by the British, scoring a much needed victory.  It is also rumored to be haunted when it was said that a young soldier named Jake from the Revolutionary or Civil War died of his injuries here, as he likes to tug on your shirt or play with the electrical systems. Just recently some have witnessed Jake’s antics.

Our town of Otis boasts two large bodies of water. Otis Reservoir is located less than a 1/4 mile from the Knox. Stretching approximately 3 miles long and a mile wide, it is the largest recreational lake in Massachusetts. Just down the road is Big Pond with 330 acres, both of which draw people from all over for the best fishing, boating and camping in New England. Otis has a year round population of 1,200 residents but welcomes thousands of tourists and second home owners during the summer months.
The Knox Trail Inn was once “the” local hot spot for all to gather, have a drink and a good meal. Sadly those days ended in early fall of 2016 when the Inn was closed and headed to the auction block. It was a huge loss to the community and surrounding towns since the Knox was one of the icons of our area and it was greatly missed. 

A team of five local friends decided to change all that, and in March of 2017 they purchased the Knox, all with the same vision of a complete restoration, not to just get it up and running again, but to re-establish the Knox as a great restaurant for dining, a pub for everyone to gather, and to fill the empty stage with entertainment once again.

It has been our goal to make the Knox Trail Inn a place that we are all proud of. Not just the owners but for our whole community to enjoy for years to come.

After months of extensive labor, a new Knox Trail Inn was transforming. We took the formally dark crowded dining room and turned it into the new Birch Room where it is open, bright, and welcoming. A banquet table was built where the old bar formally stood which provides seating for large parties. The pub area now known as the Pine Room also went under renovations which included extending the bar, and bringing in high top pub chairs and tables. There are now televisions for sporting events and Keno for patrons to enjoy. We also have brought back entertainment including bands, DJ’s, and Karaoke nights. A large dance floor provides lots of room for people to let their hair down and enjoy. The kitchen was updated, bringing it up to date to handle the demands of  large crowds and parties. Our chefs and kitchen staff provide meals that some say, “are comparable to NYC venues.”

Our menu offers something for everyone. Entrees like cedar plank salmon, steaks, and prime rib specials, delicious burgers & paninis, along with our smokin’ chicken wings and amazing pizzas from our new pizza ovens. We like to think that we listen to our clientele in providing menu choices that are diverse and appealing to all. It has been our goal to make the Knox Trail Inn a place that we are all proud of. Not just the owners but for our whole community to enjoy for years to come.